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We seek to provide a venue for films that might not otherwise be exhibited for the public, and no genre or concept is excluded from consideration. However, films of a radical, critical, disaffected, progressive, provocative, confrontational, controversial, subversive, seditious, irreverent, illicit, offensive, obscene, rebellious, profane, pornographic, conspiratorial, corruptive, psychotropic, phantasmagoric, volatile, violent, anarchic, blasphemous or otherwise irresponsible nature are especially encouraged.

Let’s face it, most Hollywood films sound like this. We were also inspired to create the AUFF after attending many purportedly “underground” festivals and repeatedly finding that the primary thing that separated their content from the mainstream was the lack of money, not a particular theme, alternative perspective, or outsider spirit. Our hope is that together we can remind audiences that underground cinema, with its ability to experiment with unconventional formats and risque subject matter free from the constraints of censorship, isn’t necessarily a calling card for Hollywood; it can be an exciting end in itself.

“A three-hour assault on conservative values.”
-The Austinist

“The show was great, we had a really good time.”
-Tim League, Founder, Alamo Drafthouse Cinema

“Subversive, irreverent, politically-socially incorrect–I ate it up! This festival definitely thinks OFF THE SCREEN!”
-Jim Dunn, Flicker Film Festival

“Austin has proven once again why it is a hotbed of independent film activity.”
-The Austin-American Statesmen

“The very notion of it conjures images of rebellion, like the “New Moon on Monday” video where Duran Duran brought down the totalitarian government just by passing out pamphlets and being cute. We’re kind of sad our mind works that way.”
-Sarah Lindner, Austin Movie Blog

“I think I’m in love.”
-Kill The Critic

“With offerings of film festivals (from the majors like SXSW and the Austin Film Festival, to the more intimate and diversified indie offerings at Quentin Tarantino’s Film Fest, Blowing Up A Spot, and Austin Underground Film Festival) and UT’s film school, Hollywood doesn’t have to be done in L.A. smog for nearly $4 per gallon anymore.”
-Shia Shabazz, ATX Magazine

“The Austin Underground Film Festival really stands for everything that is independent and everything that is Austin. If you want to get a finger on the mainline pulse of Austin’s independent film and music scene, you gotta check out the Austin Underground Film Festival.”

“One of the better celluloid celebrations out there.”

“One of the city’s coolest film events.”
-Tolly Moseley, THAT AUSTIN GIRL

“These are the films that keep Austin batshit crazy. Let’s see that on a bumper sticker.”

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The Organizers
AUFF Staff: Jeremy Van Doren, Caitlin Leach, Andy Gately
AUFF Staff: Jeremy Van Doren, Caitlin Leach, Andy Gately

[AUFF Founder, Director of Programming] — Andy Gately
Andy Gately holds a degree in Literature and a minor in Film Theory, is a curator along with the Austin Chronicle’s Marc Savlov of the monthly Austin film series Feral Cinema, has worked for the Austin Film Festival and Troma Films, and has written for The Onion, AV Club Austin, Cashiers du Cinemart, the San Antonio Express-News, Shortend Magazine, Directed By Magazine, Live Music Capitol, ILoveMikeLitt, I Luv Video, and ATX Magazine. He was the original lead guitarist for The Strip Cult, currently plays in the garage rock band The Chibas, and his own award-winning movies have been screened at numerous festivals around the country.

Andy [at] austinundergroundfilm [dot] com

[AUFF Public Relations Guru] — Caitlin Leach
Caitlin Leach holds a degree in Literature and a minor in Film Theory. She has collaborated on several films with Andy, was an original member of the Independent Filmmaker’s League.

Caitlinleach [at] austinundergroundfilm [dot] com

[AUFF Co-Director of Programming, Webmaster] — Jeremy Van Doren
Jeremy Van Doren holds a degree in Creative Writing and a minor in Film Theo